To the friends I thought I knew,


I never once thought that you and I would ever get this way and I really hope this is just a phase. We grew apart during college because we all have different lives now and different people but that never stopped us our first year to reach out to each other. It just became difficult when you started getting into your Greek life which I don’t blame because I mean it is part of college life.

I was different, I plunged myself into my studies and tried my hardest to succeed and get out of college as fast as I could. But obviously, things turned wrong for me when family and my condition got worse. I confined you about it but obviously, you just did not really care. But that’s okay because I did not tell you the extend of it.

I miss you and I know for sure that if you were to reach out to me then I will 100% with no doubt go to you and listen to anything you say. Because I will be there for you no matter what. I just now know that it’s just not going to be reciprocated.

Eventually, our relationship became a one sided relationship.

Maybe I did something wrong, maybe my way of living got too much for you and you just could not understand it. But that’s okay because as bad as this sounds, I found people who replaced you. I bet you that you found someone new to replace me too and that’s okay. It’s just sad and disappointing that our friendship has just come to this.

You left me when I was pretending everything and did not know what was going on in my life. I was single, unhappy, hurt, but could still handle. While you were gone, things got worse, things got difficult, I’m half-alive, but I found a significant other who accepted me with all my flaws. And to be honest with you, you could not handle me at my worst.

What makes you think that you can have me at my best when you can’t handle me at worst? 

If you come back into my life, it’ll be different but I hope you do and we are able to work things out because at the end of the day, I’m that person who does not like to lose people and will catch you no matter what.


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