Own it.

You know those moments when you’re just sad? Unbearably sad for just no reason? It’s okay i know how you feel. I feel like that almost everyday. I understand what it feels like to feel as if you have no one.

You wake up thinking that you’ll be able to have a good day filled with good people. You stay positive to make sure you’re not a Debby-downer. You continue your day facing through the bad news; grades you didn’t want, disrespectful people, things that just make you sad. But still, you go on to your day thinking that it’ll get better. Then when it’s time to sleep, you rethink about all the things that you could’ve done to make things better. “maybe I should’ve done that” or “maybe I should’ve been nicer”.

Stop it. Just stop.

Stop pretending that you’re okay. Stop pretending that everything is going to be okay. It’s not. Realize that you have to quit faking your smile to others for them to believe that you’re okay. So what if you’re not? What if this isn’t the life you even wished for? March through. Stop psyching yourself thinking that if people think you’re okay that you really are.

To those bad grades, well do something. What if what you’re majoring or studying is something you despise? You’re wasting money and time (I completely understand do not trip). If you’re sad, then be sad. If you’re angry, be angry. Just be respectful of others when they’re around. But if they’re acting like assholes. Do whatever you please.

Realize that life doesn’t work out the way we would want. I wished to be happy, to pursue something that made me happy and I’m still struggling at that.

So take a breather, go on a road trip with your best friend, have fun to your heart contents for one day. That one day, go all out. Forget all the shits, forget reality, forget all your worries. Just have fun.

Come back and return to reality with a straight head. Realize that you have to own up to your shit. Realize that you’re fucking badass and that you can get through this. You have to face it. You can’t pretend. Don’t act like nothing happened. Act like that your friend’s rude joke didn’t get to you. Make sure of that and face it.

Just, do things that will make you happy.

Love, S.


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